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The ultimate user experience is found at home with your very own virtual assistant. Amazon Alexa is a cloud-based intelligence that works with voice recognition and integrates with your other smart home devices like smart lights and SONOS speakers.

How Amazon Alexa works

Simplify everyday tasks and get information on the spot with voice commands, just ask Alexa. This virtual assistant becomes the mind behind the technologies that assist, entertain, and inform your life. You build Alexa’s capabilities by installing skills or apps for news and information, productivity and streaming.

Multitasking just got easier. Activate your security or lighting, stream music, order food, manage reminders, to-do lists and alarms, and be up to date with real-time information. All you have to do is ask Alexa to initiate a scene with any system that is connected to your smart home system.

How ITA works with Amazon Alexa

Since the launch of the Amazon Alexa in Australia, we have worked to integrate the technology with all compativble smart devices.

The ITA team can deliver and set up Amazon Alexa to suit your smart home requirements. Alexa can work with your Creston Home Automation system by identifying the right device to activate to your request. Alexa technology and ITA technicians can make this all possible through your compatible smart devices.

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