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Control4 offers everything, from smart lighting to multi-room audio systems. This brand can operate thousands of third-party products, so you don't need to get rid of your favourite technology.

The company is a leading provider of smart home automation systems, combining lighting, audio, video, climate control, intercom, and security all in one system.

How Control4 works

Using one main remote system, Control4 connects all your devices so you can stream music, or turn on lights, at the click of a button. You can access additional services, such as 4Sight with Anywhere Access, which lets you control your system remotely from anywhere in the world.

The system is complex to set up, so it's recommended to go through a certified specialist. Once your system has been installed, it is easy to use. From switches to touch screens and smartphones, you'll be able to control all your connected devices.

The Control4 System Remote Controls are the easiest way to manage your smart home automation. They have features like 'Listen' and 'Watch' buttons which give you quick access to the most recently used audio source or video source.

Like the sound of Control4?

Control4 is easily accessible via Control4 Smart Home Pros ā€” trained experts and certified technicians who know the system inside and out. We can also install technology with the same capacity as Control4 ā€” such as Creston ā€” so you can get the seamless smart home hub you deserve to make your life simple.

Get in touch with our friendly team, and you can experience a home which you can control at the touch of a button.

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