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Environexus is an Australian company that designs smart solutions for technology around the home. Using the Nero platform, Environexus has become one of the leading suppliers of sustainable, innovative home tech in the country.

Rather than having fragmented home automation, Environexus brings separate products together in a powerful and efficient way. With integrated communications, air conditioning, heating, security, lighting and more, smart homes have never been so simple.

How Environexus works

Home automation has grown in recent years. Many home appliances and functions have developed smart functionality, with new features like remote access and automation. However, with so many different products and options, actually using all of that smart tech can be perplexing.

Environexus brings all those different capabilities together, making them simple and easy to use. Using the Nero platform, Environexus combines smart home gadgetry with security technology, and makes it accessible.

And because smart home tech is constantly changing and evolving, Environexus has been designed to grow with your house. As new elements are installed around the property — like outdoor speakers or automated lights — it's easy to integrate them into the network.

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How ITA works with Environexus

ITA is an Australian company, dedicated to using the latest technology to improve homes. Our team has the skills and expertise to install the Environexus system at your property, and can help you make the most of it. We can rewire your existing system, make any desired additions, and set you up with smart and secure home automation.

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