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Get the most out of your favourite music app and TV streaming with Heos speakers throughout your home. Heos by Denon offers superb quality audio performance in sleek, contemporary designs. Using the free Heos app with one or more speakers, you can operate and stream using your smartphone.

Heos speakers are a superior designed, wireless multi-room music system. The speakers in a Heos multi room sound system are acoustically moulded designs to accompany your bedroom, kitchen, living room, office and patio. Far from a 'one size fits all approach', Heos speakers will take the room into account to deliver an optimised audio experience.

How Heos systems works

The Heos range includes speakers to accommodate any size room or outdoor entertaining area. You can stream music from your favourite streaming service and the Heos system harmonises sound production seamlessly through the Heos app.

Heos speakers deliver unbeatable acoustic quality. When you don’t want to compromise on sound, Heos sound systems are an excellent choice. Configure multiple units for maximum resonance throughout your home, or have a personalised experience with an individual speaker in one room. No matter what sort of audio you're listening to, and regardless of the size and shape of your home, we can use Heos to deliver an outstanding result.

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How ITA work with Heos

Our team has years of experience creating the perfect entertainment systems for our clients. We can help you create an unbeatable sound experience for your music and home theatre using Heos speakers and equipment. With the right speakers in the right locations, anything you want to listen to will sound amazing. From home entertainment systems to just casually playing music, podcasts or the radio around your home, we can use Heos to make audio come to life in your home.

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