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Agile wireless capabilities

Ruckus Wireless is part of the ARRIS Company who have a 60-year legacy of advancing home technologies—including wireless Internet.

Even in high-density locations and congested indoor environments, Ruckus Wireless can power up your home entertainment or business communication needs.

How Ruckus systems work

Ruckus use SmartMesh networking technology which reduces the need for expensive and obtrusive cabling. Importantly, it gives you high-speed WiFi coverage anywhere within your home or business network range.

Ruckus WiFi Access Points (APs) offer nimble and consistent WiFi coverage. They connect your wireless devices to a wired network. The APs functions together with a Rukus wireless router to provide your home or business with steadfast internet access.

More and more homes and businesses are looking to automation. Ruckus wireless router systems and APs offer outstanding WiFi performance that can serve a large number of devices and present excellent value for money in our WiFi dependent world.

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How ITA work with Ruckus

Homes and businesses now demand fast internet connectivity to power security systems, many devices, and lighting. When high speed and consistent wireless network coverage is essential, ITA trusts Ruckus wireless router systems and APs. ITA will customise an intelligent WiFI configuration to ensure we meet your personal or commercial requirements.

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