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Present anything without wires

Present wirelessly from any of your devices. With AirMedia® Presentation Gateway you can. It's easy, whether you're using your MacBook, PC laptop, iPhone, Android phone or tablet computer.

AirMedia® allows you to effortlessly display your Excel, PowerPoint, Word, or PDF documents on the room monitor, television or projector. Connecting is simple with no wires to hook up.

How AirMedia® Presentation Gateway works

With AirMedia® your computer, smartphone, or tablet connects to your room's screen via your Wi-Fi network. Once connected, you simply share your content from your device to the screen. It's that easy.

There are no wires, plugs or complex setups. Your computer doesn't need special software. Sharing from your smartphone can all be done with the AirMedia® app. You just connect and start sharing.

Up to 32 people can connect at one time. While 4 presenters can share a screen with quad view.

How ITA works with AirMedia® Presentation Gateway

Workers don't want to think about connecting their devices to displays. Unfortunately, they often have to. How many of us have spent the first 15 minutes of a presentation wrestling with the AV system?

At ITA, we use AirMedia® systems to make connecting your devices to your displays seamless. So your workers can focus on what matters. Rather than wasting time on frustrating AV setups.

We take the hassle out viewing, sharing and collaborating on your presentations.

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