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​At ITA, there is no limit to what we can achieve in your home. If you have a dream that needs realising, we can address it with creativity, using a composition of the real and virtual worlds. Whatever your lifestyle, ITA has a fully automated technology system for you.

From hallway to fairway

As a final capstone to a beautifully redesigned home, our client dreamed of a Golf Room to hone their skills while not on the green. Three things were required in the Golf Room: a golf simulator, additional home media systems, and full integration with the rest of the home. ITA's solution was a hole-in-one.

First up, the room would revolve around a fully interactive X-Golf simulator - a combination of high speed light sensors, cameras and an Epson projector and screen. Precise measurements create an accurate and enjoyable home golfing experience, while heating, cooling and automated lighting systems help to set the scene.

A shot-for-shot experience

The Golf Room was envisaged as the ultimate lifestyle accompaniment - where the work day dissolves into playtime. That's why the room is not just dedicated to golf, but to all kinds of media. The accompanying home theatre system supports the playback of movies, cable television, music and video games. 

Accessibility through integration was key for the success of the Golf Room. All tech elements, including media, lighting and cooling, are accessible via multiple Crestron touchscreens around the home. Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant, can receive voice commands to prepare the golf room from different rooms.

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