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At ITA, we create entertainment experiences. Using the latest technology, we develop theatre solutions customised to suit your home and lifestyle. Luxury entertainment doesn't end in the living room. With our fully integrated systems, we can turn your entire home into an advanced media domain.

A blockbuster build for a Hampton home

This beautiful residence demanded a home theatre system that aligned with its futuristic redesign. The client briefed ITA on the following requirements: easy and wide-spread content delivery through world class entertainment systems, all with minimal clutter. Our solution ticked all of these boxes.

Content was key to this design. To create the entertainer's paradise, our client required access to radio, music streaming, video streaming and cable television, both inside and outside of the home. Our solution provided instant access to all of these elements, at any time, in any location, at the push of a button.

From silver screens to outdoor settings

We began in the home theatre room, installing an Epson projector, invisible speakers and motorised blinds for the ultimate entertainment experience. Throughout the interior and exterior, we designed separate entertainment zones featuring hidden motorised TVs, soundbars and AI voice assistance.


Minimalism was the final piece of the puzzle. Our solutions placed an emphasis on decluttering, ensuring wires and components were hidden away from view. A customised Crestron automation system provided a simple interface for users to navigate all services with intuitive ease, via touchscreens and mobile devices.

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