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We know you want to access high quality content everywhere you can. Whether you are inside or outside, you can enjoy your favourite media, thanks to integrated home automation technology.

Step outside of the box

This beautiful home featured a poolside pavilion with plenty of options for entertaining. Our client wanted to bring it home with an automated screen that allowed the family to enjoy movies and TV while outside. It needed to be visible from many angles, and when not in use, had to fold away discreetly.

To fit the bill, we installed a motorised TV mount to house a Sony television. At the press of a button, the screen would unfold from the ceiling of the pavilion, and could be re-positioned to face the fire pit, the barbecue, the pool, or the undercover area - anywhere in a 360 degree viewing angle.

Easy access from anywhere

The Pavilion TV can be controlled with mobile devices and Crestron touchscreens around the home. However, the success of this technology relied on creating a hands-off experience. With a voice command directed to Amazon's Alexa, the TV would reveal itself.

Finally, the Pavilion TV is entirely hidden from sight when inactive. Our design focused on clean lines and decluttering, ensuring that the outdoor media experience is entirely seamless. The pavilion ceiling also offers protection from the elements. From cricket in the summer, to cosy movie nights around the fire, this is the ultimate outdoor inclusion.

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