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​At ITA, we know that energy reduction can be achieved with new technology and methods. Whether it's creative cooling and heating, or smart lighting systems, ITA can develop a solution that makes your home as efficient as it can be.

Cool, calm and private

This stunning Hamptons home just wasn't complete without some shading. Our client wanted to promote energy efficiency through technology. ITA installed a set of automated blinds that ticked all the boxes, including full integration with the rest of the home's technology.

Motorised blinds are essential to saving energy in the home. Not only do they take little energy to operate, they also reduce the need for heating and cooling through air conditioning. Automated blinds also provide shading to all rooms of the home at the push of a button.

More than just shade

The core technology in this solution are evacuated tubes. The sun heats water pumping through tubes, which is then dispersed to multiple sources around the home. The hydronic heated floor, showers, pool, and spa all benefit from the hot water provided by the evacuated tubes.

Integration was the final piece of the puzzle. Each motorised blind is accessible via mobile devices, or one of the many Crestron touchscreens throughout the home. Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant, allows residents to control the blinds with simple voice commands.

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