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At ITA, we use the latest technology to create radiance. Our custom lighting solutions are design to seamlessly integrate with your home and lifestyle, putting you in complete control. ITA smart lighting systems save money, reduce energy, and create comfort, all at the press of a button.

Shining a light on a Hampton home

This beautiful resort-style home needed a lighting system that reflected its intuitive design. The client required three things from ITA: coverage, practicality and efficiency. To meet these requirements, our multilayered solution placed an emphasis on automation and reducing energy consumption.

To ensure coverage, we began by installing LED lighting in the home's newly revamped interior. This continued throughout the home's beautiful alfresco areas, where we developed an automated lighting system to connect gardens, paths, and the pool pavilion area.

Practicality delivered by home automation

Users of these lighting systems have access to iPads, Amazon voice assistance, and a Crestron touchscreen with a customised interface. This provides complete control over all lighting elements from any location, inside or outside of the home.

Finally, efficiency came naturally. Our solution was designed to be as energy efficient as possible. We programmed a series of rules for the system, such as reducing lights to 50% brightness after 9:30pm. Sensors activate smart devices around the home, illuminating stairwells, hallways and rooms only when in use.

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