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At ITA, we know that home security is paramount to the peace of mind of you and your family. Modern security issues require modern solutions. That's why we use market-leading automation technology to make homes safe and secure.

Providing a sense of security

This stunning Hampton home would not be complete without a cutting edge security system. Our client required a highly protected home that still provided easy access to the occupants. Retaining the heritage-listed frontage of the home was a must, so our solution needed to be inconspicuous.

For street access to the property, we installed a powered driveway gate. The owner can wirelessly send an encrypted code to open the gate and grant access to the vehicle. The front of the property is monitored by a Mobotix high definition camera with night vision, giving crystal clear vision at all hours.

New technology, under lock and key

Entry to the home was made easy for all verified occupants by way of a front door camera, electronic door lock, and biometric fingerprint scanner. If the door is unlocked, security systems are deactivated, and paired smart devices receive a notification. If the doorbell is pressed, occupants can enact a video conversation with the entrant.

The interior of the home also features a 360 degree high definition camera. All of these security elements have been incorporated to be as minimalistic and clutter-free as possible. The frontage of the home still retains its heritage charm, concealing the cutting edge technology contained within.

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