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What is smart energy management?

Power bills can be a huge cost in the running of a business. Outdated systems for things like lighting and heating can result in exorbitant and unnecessary costs that seriously impact the financial bottom line of your organisation. Smart energy management systems allow a business to dramatically reduce their overall running costs.

Smart energy management is about much more than simply teaching people to turn off the lights when they leave a room. This is about energy reduction strategies and solutions and the integration of a fully automated smart system that can provide your business with total control over your energy consumption and reduce the costs of doing business. It's the smart way to 

First Steps - Energy Savings Analysis 

The first step to reducing your running costs is to have ITA conduct an initial energy analysis. Our team of energy experts can quickly detect if you have any anomalies in your energy consumption and point out potential energy hot spots in your organization or business that may provide some fast and substantial energy savings.

Based on the analysis, ITA may recommend conducting a full energy audit to provide you with a strategic overview of all the energy consumption issues and make recommendations for the best way to address these challenges. Then, we can look at how to best implement those changes. The sooner we roll out a smart energy management plan, the sooner you can start saving money.

For the full list of strategies and solutions available to help reduce your energy costs, simply click the links below.

Why choose ITA?

With a team of highly qualified and experienced energy management experts, it is easy to see why more businesses turn to ITA for support. We are able to provide fast and accurate insights into how to reduce your energy consumption and deliver tailored solutions that achieve real money savings. See for yourself why we're the most trusted energy management company in Melbourne.