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Energy ReductionProven Energy Saving Solutions For Every Business

Immediately Save up to 57% on Your Energy Usage

ITA are the experts in assisting businesses to identify and implement proven energy reduction strategies that deliver immediate savings. 

With a comprehensive range of reduction solutions, ITA can help you manage every step of the process, from the identification of the major issues to implementation and ongoing monitoring that will ensure long term benefits.

ITA uses a highly sophisticated analysis and auditing process to identify all your organization's energy hot spots and then creates a tailored, smart energy management plan for you. 

In the past, energy reduction solutions depended largely on behavioural changes, like nagging staff to turn the lights off or have the heater set to a certain level. These measures were bad for morale and were only as effective as staff were compliant. Our automated energy reduction strategies remove the fallible human dimension and lower power costs all by themselves.

Every business is different, with unique needs, costs, and opportunities. A new lighting system might be a waste of time and effort for your company, or it might be an incredible and revolutionary way to start saving money. 

Read more about our impressive range of energy saving solutions, and see how we can help your business immediately reduce its operating costs.

Why choose ITA?

ITA not only offers you access to a team of leading experts with the experience to help you quickly reduce your energy costs, our comprehensive range of solutions means that you can also start small and build up using the money you save on one project to fund future projects.

Our Energy Reduction Solutions

Proven solutions which will save you thousands

  1. Automation and Control

    Be alerted not alarmed. Receive notifications immediately when your energy usage is outside of pre-determined parameters. No more leaving equipment on, resolve behavioural issues by automating and controlling events when you need them to happen, take the human element out by implementing technology capable of performing simple tasks, controlling machines or complete processes,

    ITA gives you the ability to command or monitor virtually any device or technology from a central location or the convenience of your smart phone.

  2. Efficient Lighting

    Thanks to ITA’s efficient lighting solution,  whether you have an office building, factory or ware house we will make sure you have the lighting solution you need and not waste energy.

    Our experience shows many environments are over illuminated or are not meeting specific industry standards. Our experience in creating illumination plans and ability to provide a wide range of high output low energy lighting solutions ensure you will have the correct light levels where you need it and when you need.

  3. Variable Speed Drives

    One of the common energy hot spots in industrial environments will be found in the plant equipment. If your property relies on motors and pumps for running your facility, there is a real likelihood that you will be experiencing excessive power consumption.

  4. Power Factor Correction

    Power factor correction ensures the power you are paying for is being used to its maximum potential. Some devices such as motors, fluorescent lighting, pumps and refrigeration, have the potential to upset the quality and cost of your power supply across your building.

  5. Voltage Optimisation

    With most buildings being supplied more voltage than is required, changing your voltage by a few percent can save you thousands of dollars every month. This is especially relevant for businesses with high energy consumption, or those whom run a 24/7 operation.

  6. Behavioural

    Until recently, businesses were forced to rely solely on improving awareness of energy saving strategies and staff remembering to comply. But now, thanks to the state of the art energy and building management systems available, human behaviour no longer needs to be the cause of wasted energy.

  7. Renewable Energies

    There are an abundance of renewable energies that are now available to businesses to help reduce their energy costs and provide a more sustainable environment. ITA can help you do business the smart way regardless of needs, from new solar solutions, co generation, biomass, water harvesting and waste management systems.