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Why invest in Energy Management?

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As an accredited Energy Management Partner, ITA works with organisations to unlock hidden savings. How? By identifying your business’ areas of energy waste, and implementing targeted investments which maximise ROI.

Most businesses are simply not aware of just how much money is being wasted due to energy inefficiency. Our strategic solutions help organisations grow by offering savings which can be reinvested into better facilities or expanding productive capacity.

What are today’s energy challenges?

The biggest energy challenge is the rising cost of energy. However, each sector faces unique energy challenges, and each business will have specific challenges of their own.

Ageing buildings, legacy infrastructure, energy limitations, financing and a lack of tools and expertise are common energy challenges faced by today's organisations. Tackling these challenges efficiently requires a holistic and integrated solution.

Why choose ITA?

Our approach to Energy Management is unique. We don’t believe that energy efficiency is just a matter of changing a few light bulbs. The first step we take is to conduct an Energy Audit to discover energy patterns and area of wastage.

The Audit Report will identify the energy investments which will make the biggest difference to your bottom line. We then implement our recommended solutions with our team of energy experts.

Finally, we offer continuing support and monitoring to ensure long term savings as your organisations’ energy patterns and priorities change.

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Energy Challenges

  • Rising cost of energy
  • Legacy buildings, appliances and infrastructure
  • Energy restrictions
  • Availability of tools and expertise
  • Access to finance
  • Old behavioural patterns
  • Complicated Energy Contracts With Hidden Tarrifs

  1. Accredited EcoXperts on Staff
  2. Experienced Industry Auditors
  3. Guaranteed Savings