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Energy Saving Solutions in the Agriculture Industry Increase Productivity with an Energy Management Partner

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Whatever you produce -- whether it’s poultry, peas or pulp -- there are common areas of energy waste in the agriculture sector which are blowing out energy bills and squeezing margins for businesses.

Clueless about how to go about improving energy efficiency in agriculture? ITA can help. We know the most affordable and effective energy saving techniques in agriculture that will reduce costs and improve profits.

Not all energy saving measures are created equal, and no to agribusinesses are the same. As your Energy Management Partner, ITA will draw up an Energy Audit to identify key areas of inefficiency and develop solutions to improve energy efficiency, increase productivity and save money. Only after we've comprehensively investigated your agricultural enterprise will we start making recommendations.

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Energy challenges in the agriculture sector

Energy, especially in remote and rural locations, is a precious resource. Limits to energy and high prices are a restricting factor in expanding production. By reducing energy inefficiency, an agriculture business can free up resources to direct to new ventures and boost productive capacity.

In our experience, water distribution, lighting and climate control systems are common areas which require energy investment in agriculture. They're also areas where many businesses have wasteful practices, and end up spending more money than they need to.

Large water distribution systems for irrigation employ pump installations which can draw large volumes of electricity inefficiently. In the case of climate control, large scale refrigeration systems for food production can be incorrectly sealed, costing thousands in wasted energy.

By examining your business, we can identify waste and inefficiency, and find the most cost effective ways of remedying these problems.

Energy saving solutions
  • Monitoring – Discovering areas of energy waste and mapping out energy use patterns
  • Lighting – Installing detection technology to reduce operating times during low occupancy
  • Motors, Pumps and Fans – Upgrading existing systems with more drive technology reduces energy use by up to 50 per cent

How can these solutions be implemented?

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Our targeted and planned approach to energy management ensures maximum energy savings for your agricultural business.  

Our energy saving strategy involves 3 steps:

rs-audit.pngAnalysis and Energy Audit.
We analyse energy patterns and identify areas to improve efficiency. Our Energy Audit is recognised by Standards Australia, and will reveal the best investments to undertake.


rs-energy-savings.pngImplement Solutions.
The ITA team will then use this data to implement a unique energy solution. We don't believe in a one size fits all approach. Your business will have specific needs and opportunities. We will identify them, and provide the energy saving techniques in agriculture that best suit the situation.


rs-monitor-improve.pngMonitor and Improve.
Over time, guest needs and new technology will change energy usage patterns. The team at ITA will support your hospitality business as it changes, to achieve long term cost savings.



Free up energy for new agriculture ventures

Some remote sites have a limited energy supply, which limits the sites ability to expand production. This means that finding ways to stop waste will not only reduce energy costs but free up opportunities to increase revenue and capacity.

As your Energy Management Partner, ITA will draw up an Energy Audit to identify key areas of inefficiency and develop smart investment solutions.

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Why Choose ITA For Your Agriculture Energy Management?

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