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Improving Factory and Plant Energy EfficiencyEnergy Management for Industrial Plants and Factories

Same output, less energy

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Energy is a key resource for plants and factories. With so many pumps, motors, fans and lights spread across a factory floor, it is difficult for an operations manager to keep track of energy and resource use.

There is mounting pressure for factories and plants to become more efficient. Victoria already has some of the highest energy costs in the world, with costs increasing each year by up to 10%.

As your Energy Management Partner, ITA will draw up an Energy Audit to identify key areas of inefficiency and develop solutions to improve energy efficiency and save money. 

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Energy challenges for plants and factories

Many plants do not have monitoring systems in place for energy use. This means that daily energy consumption and areas of potential inefficiency are not known to the plant operations manager.

Old technology is a key culprit in irregular energy use. Older pumps and motors can be fitted with new drive technology to reduce energy use by 50 per cent.

Aging technology also causes spikes in electricity demand, wearing out equipment as well as over drawing and disrupting power quality across the site. If power surges beyond a maximum demand point, electricity retailers can charge significant surcharges.

Lighting can also be drawing excess electricity due to over illumination or use during low occupancy hours.

As your Energy Management Partner, ITA will draw up an Energy Audit to identify key areas of inefficiency and develop solutions to improve energy efficiency and save money.

Energy saving solutions
  • Monitoring – Determining energy usage patterns and controlling energy wast
  • Motors, pumps and fans – Upgrading old systems with more efficient drive technology
  • Lighting Correcting over-illumination and minimising lighting use during low occupancy hours
  • Power correction Using power factor correction and voltage optimisation to reduce oversupply and improve power quality.

How can these solutions be implemented?

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Our approach to energy management helps you understand factory and plant energy patterns and tackling energy challenges with targeted solutions.  

Our energy saving strategy involves 3 steps:

rs-audit.pngAnalysis and Audit.
We analyse energy patterns and identify areas to improve efficiency. Our Energy Audit is recognised by Standards Australia, and will reveal the best investments to undertake.


rs-energy-savings.pngImplement Solutions.
The ITA team will then use this data to implement a unique energy solution.


rs-monitor-improve.pngMonitor and Improve.
Over time new technology will change energy usage patterns. The team at ITA will support your factory or plant to achieve long term cost reductions.



Improve plant efficiency and reduce factory costs

Energy prices are only going one way. An Energy Management Partner will ensure that your plant is minimising energy waste and operating efficiently.

ITAs approach to energy management ensures that investments in energy efficiency are targeted and effective.

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