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Big Energy Use? Big Potential SavingsEnergy Management for Resorts, Hotels and Clubs

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Energy used for climate control, lighting and appliances are an essential part of your guests’ comfort in hotels and hospitality.

However, many of these systems are operating inefficiently. The effects of energy inefficiency in this industry are magnified due to long operating hours. Even small changes to improve energy efficiency have the potential to generate big savings.

An Energy Management Partner can help you improve energy efficiency and save money, without compromising the comfort of your guests.

Improving efficiency will ultimately benefit guests, with savings that can be used to reduce prices or invest in new facilities or equipment.

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Energy challenges for Resorts, Hotels and Clubs

The scale of the operation combined with aging buildings and appliances pose the biggest energy challenges in the hotels and hospitality sector.

Many club and hotel buildings were built before energy efficiency was a major consideration in design. Alongside these older buildings are aging appliances, in particular boilers, refrigeration, pumps and motors.

With long operating hours and poor or no centralised control, the compounding effect of energy inefficiency is significant, and waste can be widespread.

Energy savings can be passed on with lower prices, or reinvested to improve facilities and equipment

Energy saving solutions

There are a variety of ways which a resort, club or hotel can improve energy efficiency and eliminate waste.

These could include:

  • Automation – Automating shut down procedures for climate control and lighting when not in use
  • Monitoring – Improving management and control by centralising heating and cooling systems
  • Motors, Pumps and Appliances – Using modern technology such as drive pumps and repairing faulty appliances
  • Lighting – Upgrading lights with new technology compatible with legacy systems

How can these solutions be implemented?

eco expert logo greyscaleITA is an accredited Energy Management Partner.

We take a holistic approach to implementing energy efficiency investments in hotels, clubs and resorts.


Our energy saving strategy involves 3 steps:

rs-audit.pngAnalysis and Audit.
We analyse energy patterns and identify areas to improve efficiency. Our Energy Audit is recognised by Standards Australia, and will reveal the best investments to undertake.


rs-energy-savings.pngImplement Solutions.
The ITA team will then use this data to implement a unique energy solution.


rs-monitor-improve.pngMonitor and Improve.
Over time, guest needs and new technology will change energy usage patterns. The team at ITA will support your hospitality business as it changes, to achieve long term cost savings.



Keep guests comfortable and improve your bottom line

At ITA, we know that improving energy efficiency takes much more than installing new lights.

We make plans before we take action, to ensure that every dollar of your investment has been allocated effectively, and will work to maximise potential savings.

This will benefit you and your guests. Energy savings can be passed on with lower prices, or reinvested to improve facilities and equipment

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Why Choose ITA For Your Resort, Hotel or Club Energy Management?

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  3. Guaranteed Savings