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Improving Schools' Energy EfficiencyEnergy Management for Schools

Hello, Waste. Meet Efficiency.

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A school is a collection of new and old buildings -- a result of years of gradual construction and renovation. This ad-hoc expansion leads to an inconsistent and misaligned approach to energy management, as legacy systems co-exist alongside newer technology.

Most schools do not realise how much energy inefficiency is costing them. In some cases, these costs add up to tens of thousands of dollars each year. That's money better spent delivering a valuable education. Thankfully, there is a better way. With our energy saving solutions, we can implement a plan to immediately energy management at your school, and save money on power bills.

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Energy challenges in the education sector

In our experience, outdated lighting, inefficient climate control and wasteful habits are some of the common ways energy is wasted at education facilities.

There are many potential areas of waste at a school. Conducting an Energy Audit can identify a school’s energy patterns and areas of waste, including lighting, heating and cooling, refrigeration, water and gas. Then, having completed the audit on your school, we can promptly implement our energy management plan for schools and reduce the amount of power being consumed.

Energy saving solutions

There are a number of ways a school can improve energy efficiency and reduce waste. These could include:

  • Automation – Automating start up and shut down procedures for climate control and lighting
  • Monitoring – Discovering areas of wasteful energy use, such as broken appliances.
  • Modern lighting – Installing efficient lighting to improve energy efficiency
  • Behavioural changes – Encouraging a school culture of efficient energy use and reducing waste

How can these solutions be implemented?

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We take a professional and thorough approach to implementing energy efficiency investments, so that your school will maximise returns and savings.

Our energy saving strategy involves 3 steps:

rs-audit.pngAnalysis and Audit.
We analyse energy patterns to detect and identify areas to improve efficiency. Our Energy Audit is recognised by Standards Australia, and is critical in determining the most effective efficiency investments.


rs-energy-savings.pngImplement Solutions.
The ITA team will then design and implement your tailored energy solution.


rs-monitor-improve.pngMonitor and Improve.Continuous management is the best way to maximise potential savings. The ITA team can help develop a Master Plan to ensure that new buildings and renovation are consistent with your energy efficiency goals. 


We also assess what government grants and incentives are available to help schools finance their energy efficient investment. Our Energy Audit is accredited documentation which allows your school to immediately qualify for any relevant grant as soon as they become available.

tickLess waste = more for students

 Energy and resource inefficiency is costly for your school. Not only is it wasteful, but it diverts financial resources which could be used for improving the school and student programs.

Start improving your school's energy efficiency today!

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