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Energy prices on the rise.

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Energy prices in Australia are going up. According to the Productivity Commission, average energy prices have risen by at least 70% since 2007. As a result, energy now represents between 5-10% of operating costs for many businesses in the retail sector.

This increased cost, coupled with a competitive Australian retail environment, means that many businesses are feeling the pinch. Reducing energy consumption and finding savings is now more important than ever.

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Energy in the retail sector

Reducing energy bills is not a simple matter of turning off the lights.

For a retail business, good lighting and climate control are essential in creating an attractive and comfortable customer experience.

Energy is used to serve three customer service functions:

  • Attraction – Attractive lighting gets noticed by passers-by and foot traffic.
  • Comfort – Lighting used for product displays and ambiance improve visual appearance. Climate control makes the environment comfortable for customers.
  • Safety and security – Good lighting reduces opportunities for theft and improves visibility.

The challenge: how can a business reduce their energy bill, but still maintain an optimal retail environment?

Energy now represents between 5-10% of operating costs for many businesses in the retail sector. Reducing energy consumption and finding savings is now more important than ever.

Win-Win: Energy Saving Solutions

There are a number of solutions a retail business can adopt to reduce their energy consumption, without affecting customer experience.

These solutions could include:

  • Automation – Finding ways to automate start up and shut down procedures for appliances and lighting.
  • Monitoring – Discovering areas of wasteful energy use and implementing changes.
  • Modern lighting – Installing efficient lighting to improve energy efficiency.
  • Behavioural changes – Encouraging a culture of efficient energy use and reducing waste.

How can these solutions be implemented?

Working with an energy partner is one of the best ways to reduce energy operating costs. By undertaking an energy audit, a business gets the opportunity to discover energy use patterns and ways to manage them.

eco expert logo greyscaleITA is an accredited Energy Management Partner.

We will help you make sound energy investment decisions and investigate government rebates, when available.

Our energy saving strategy involves 3 steps:

rs-audit.pngAnalysis and Audit.
We analyse energy patterns to detect and identify areas to improve efficiency. Our Energy Audit is recognised by Standards Australia, and is critical in determining the most effective efficiency investments.


rs-energy-savings.pngImplement Solutions.
The ITA team will then design and implement your tailored energy solution.


rs-monitor-improve.pngMonitor and Improve.
Continuous management is the best way to maximise potential savings. The ITA team will make sure that your solutions continue to provide savings.


We also assess what government grants and incentives are available to help schools finance their energy efficient investment. Our Energy Audit is accredited documentation which allows your school to immediately qualify for any relevant grant as soon as they become available.


ITA is committed to your business

At ITA, we are committed to reducing your energy bill. As your business' energy adviser, we will provide:

  • Customised solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Ongoing support and energy management.
  • Guaranteed energy savings.
How can ITA save you thousands on your energy bill? Call us on 03 9761 8700 to find out.

Why Choose ITA For Your Retail Energy Management?

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