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Energy ReductionEnergy Saving Strategies that Really Work

How to Reduce Your Energy Costs

Saving money starts with a great plan

Without an energy reduction strategy in place, chances are every minute of operation is costing you money. 

With Victorian businesses paying more for electricity than almost anyone else in the world and with the cost of gas and electricity estimated to rise by up to 84 percent over the next 4 years, it is just good business to create a practical and sustainable plan to reduce your organizations  energy  costs. 

Implementing an energy saving plan today helps to bulletproof your company’s future success.

ITA are the experts in assisting business’s reduce energy costs. We strategically identify significant energy saving opportunities within your organization and implement energy saving solutions that achieve results immediately.

Our energy saving strategy

ITA uses a highly sophisticated analysis and auditing process to identify all your organizations energy hot spots and then creates a tailored smart energy management plan for you.

Then, in consultation with you, ITA will prepare a rollout plan for the implementation of your recommended solutions.

These solutions are then carefully monitored to ensure they deliver maximum savings and efficiency. Typically, clients report seeing savings on their bills immediately, making the decision to implement a smart energy management plan one that will pay dividends almost immediately.

ITA can help you start saving in just 3 easy steps

  1. Analyse & Audit
    Step 1

    Analyse & Audit

    Using ITA’s unique bill analysis service means that our team of energy experts can quickly detect if you have any anomalies in your energy consumption and point out potential energy hot spots in your business.

    Once any energy hot spots have been detected, ITA can recommend and perform an appropriate level audit to identify the full range of money saving solutions available across all areas of your business including electricity, water, gas and waste. Then ITA will make recommendations for the delivery of a tailored roll out plan.

  2. Implement Energy Savings Solutions
    Step 2

    Implement Energy Savings Solutions

    The ITA team will design and implement your energy saving solutions, beginning with the most serious hot spots to ensure rapid savings and effective cost reduction.

  3. Monitor & Improve
    Step 3

    Monitor & Improve

    Be alerted and not alarmed.

    The best thing a business can do to reduce energy costs is to implement energy saving solutions. The worse thing they can do is to not continue to monitor their energy consumption. If you are not monitoring your energy usage you are not managing it.  

    Because business is a fluid and evolving environment, the team at ITA will assist you to monitor your energy and analyse your data to ensure your solutions continue to provide the maximum saving benefits possible, allowing you the complete peace of mind that your investment is paying dividends.