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All-In-One Home Automation in Melbourne

There's no such thing as half a dream home. There's the home of your dreams. And there's just another house. Dreams don't come in halves. That's why, at ITA, we provide you with a complete home automation solution. One that matches your vision exactly. No compromises. No half measures.

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"What do you want to achieve with home automation? If you can imagine it, we can help you to turn it into reality, with a complete smart home solution."

We combine these five elements to make one smart home.


Dramatically reduce your household running costs with an energy efficient Smart Home that delivers all the creature comforts without the price tag.



Enjoy a state-of-the-art custom fitted living room or theatre, whole house audio, and complete internet connectivity throughout your home.


Experience the incredible freedom and control of being able to manage your lighting, security, climate and much more, all from your iPad or smart phone.


Improve your quality of life with the convenience of automation. Access whole new worlds of entertainment, or rest easy knowing your home is secure.


The seamless integration of technology in the home will give you more time to enjoy life. Spend this time how you really want.

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"There is no doubt ITA is at the cutting edge of automation technology..."

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a smart home?

Put simply, a smart home is a home integrated with devices and sub systems. These systems communicate with one another. And are controlled by a central controlling system.

Once implemented, these smart home automation systems automate a range of household tasks. For example, they may automatically heat or cool your home. Operate home entertainment systems. Or adjust lighting and climate control to save energy.

Exactly, what your smart home will look like, will depend on your needs. Your lifestyle. And what you would like to achieve with your home automation systems.

What's the difference between home automation and smart technology?

Home automation is the functional way smart devices and smart technology are programmed to operate based on receiving information from sensors and scheduling.

For example, smart technology devices like smart controlled lighting can be controlled from one switch which turns all lights on in the entrance, hallway and kitchen at 100%.

Alternatively, with home automation, the lights could be turned on in the entrance, hallway and kitchen at 100% when you drive up the driveway, automatically, without you having to push a button.

Home automation makes your home more comfortable. More convenient. Safer. And more 'thoughtful'. It replaces manual inputs, like turning on and off a light switch with automatic operation.

Which home automation systems should I install in my home?

Considering which smart technology or smart devices to include in your home? The first step is to gain an understanding of what is actually available, in Australia, today.

Once you're aware of what is possible with home automation systems, you can begin to decide which functions are important to you. Your lifestyle. And your home living expectations.

When you know the features you want, you can begin to select the devices which offer them.

There is definitely a right way and wrong way of implementing smart technology and home automation systems into you home. To do it the right way, speak with a smart home specialist.

Does smart technology include security systems?

Smart technology and home automation systems certainly can include security systems.

For example, using a security camera installed at your front door, your smart home could send your smartphone an alert and image if someone arrived at your door.

You could then you use your phone to speak with the person in front of the camera. If required, you could even unlock your door to allow access, all from your smartphone.

With a smart home this kind of security system is completely possible.

How much will home automation cost?

When it comes to smart technologies, smart devices, and home automation there is no 'one size fits all' solution. Your system and its price will depend on your wants, requirements, and budget.

There is no set price. Home automation systems aren't so much a set of products you purchase, as a solution you choose and design specifically to suit you.

What do I need to consider when choosing a smart technology company?

When choosing a smart technology company ensure they have the required experience and qualifications.

Checking a company's qualifications and certifications is one of the best ways of determining whether a company has the expertise to help you.

It is also a good idea to focus on companies that offer more than one product or one brand of products.

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