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In the past, home security solutions we're limited to physical deterrents and simple alarms. Today, you have much greater levels of safety and security without affecting the look of your home. Investing in a tailored security solution, complete with high-tech and physical components, will offer your home and family a high level of protection for many years to come.

We can design an integrated security solution using our comprehensive range of security products and alarm systems:

Perimeter arming

Perimeter arming gives you added security and the freedom to move around your home.

Remote controlled systems

The ability to remotely monitor and control your security from your smart phone.

At ITA, we specialise in integrated home automation and security solutions. Our approach means that you can remotely monitor and control your security systems using a smart phone or tablet. So whether your at home, or away, you'll feel at ease knowing that your life is backed up by the latest in security technology.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a wireless alarm system?

A wireless alarm system is exactly what it sounds like — a hidden, discreet smart home alarm system that keeps your home safe while remaining out of sight. With other obvious home security measures, you run the risk of intruders forcing entry, or finding other ways to circumvent your systems. A wireless alarm system stops them before they enter.

How can I get an integrated alarm system?

Integrated alarm systems are full security systems that can be controlled easily from a central hub, with voice commands, or with mobile devices. An integrated alarm system can be automatically set and disabled as well, allowing homeowners to lock the home down when they are absent.

You can get your own integrated alarm system or wireless alarm system by getting in touch with ITA. Our team of security experts have your safety as their highest priority. We'll work with you to develop a smart home alarm system that is effective and intuitive.

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