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Automatic Blinds & Curtain ControlInviting elegance inside with eco-friendly home automation technology

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Automated blind and curtains for an eco-friendly home

With the touch of a button, you can watch your curtains or blinds automatically open and close. This energy-efficient and ultra-quiet motorised system is completely within your control. The elegance of its design makes your life easier, but the real impact is on our environment. This automatic system reduces the use of heating and air conditioning, making your home more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Making your home more energy efficient is completely within your control. All it takes is a click. You can can automate that, too.


Press one button and you can open or close any curtain or blind in the house. With a quick command, you could open your bedroom window halfway, while completely opening the kitchen blinds — ready for a morning coffee in the sun.


Set-up your home to automatically open and close your curtains and blinds. You could save this feature for when you go away. But with a system this smart, you should take advantage of it every day.

At ITA, we're here to help you reduce your costs and protect the environment by creating a more energy efficient home. We’re also here to help you do it in style. Our automated blinds and curtain controls make your house look stunning — from the inside and outside.

Brighten your smart home by integrating your automated blinds and curtains with other automation technologies

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