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The safety of your family is your highest priority

Whether you install CCTV security cameras as a precaution to improve general home security, to deter anti-social behaviour, or as an inexpensive way to monitor kids or pets — a fully automated camera system for your home will help you rest easy.

Monitor your cameras from anywhere in the world

Smartphone monitoring

Use your smartphone or tablet to monitor your home and keep your family safe from anywhere in the world.

Security Cameras

CCTV security cameras help keep your home safe and secure in many ways, from deterring criminals, investigating incidents, and monitoring kids and pets around backyards and pools.

Recording and Playback

If any serious issues do occur on your property, or you suspect something is amiss, you can easily investigate what happened as all footage is recorded and is easy to playback.

CCTV security cameras provide a strong deterrent to potential criminals and prevent many forms of anti-social behaviour. Whether a professional thief is casing your home, a tradesperson is left alone, or a neighbour is acting irrationally, a CCTV security camera will help deter any unwanted behaviour and protect your property, possessions, and family.

Integrate your CCTV security cameras into your smart home with other automation technologies from ITA

Frequently asked questions

What technologies are involved in smart home security?

If it has a WiFi connection and keeps you safe, then it's part of smart home security. When it comes to securing the home with technology, there are a number of options available to families, including:

  • Smart CCTV cameras and to monitor every angle of the property
  • WiFi home cameras playback and external monitoring
  • iPhone security system monitoring to ensure that you are always able to check your systems

When it comes to home security, it's all about crafting a solution that fits with your lifestyle, and ultimately, lets you feel safe and secure at all times.

How does home automation security work?

Home automation security is the process of taking the above technologies and bringing them together in a holistic home automation solution that can be controlled from a central hub, with voice, and from mobile devices. By fully integrating your home security with your existing smart home technology, you can create a home that is safer and more efficient.

ITA works with customers to design home automation security systems that work for them. For example, if you want to lock the doors and turn on the outside lights every night, we can program that into the system. We can also put your home into 'Away' mode when you travel, to ensure that everything is completely locked down.

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