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Smart Home Wifi AutomationFast Internet and Wifi speed matters

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Modern homes have become multi-room, multi-service connectivity centres, which demand fast internet connections. ITA is the specialist in integrating home and lifestyle technology to provide fast connectivity. Speed matters, and it’s important that you consult a data expert at the time of planning your renovation or new home, and not after it has been completed.

Our solutions to providing fast internet and WiFi include:

Ports and Connectivity

Our data experts to make sure that your home is designed with data access in mind

Internet Set-up

We take the guesswork out of getting a good connection

Fast WiFi Routers

We have internet solutions that can handle heavy data use

From monitoring your security and cameras on your phone or tablet, motorised blinds and intelligent lighting, you need to carefully consider data solutions to ensure the most seamless, convenient and intuitive experience.

Integrate with Other Home Automation Entertainment Options

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