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Your home is your castle. So protect it that way with high grade security gates, doors and locks. Our integrated approach to security solutions means that your home will be upgraded with fool proof locks and doors that will secure your home without making it look like a fortress.

Upgrade your home security with our range of attractive high security gates, door and locks:

Security Doors

Subtle yet strong. Our security doors are one of the best ways to protect your home from break-ins.

Quality Locks

High quality security locks to cover basic security needs.

Security Gates

Attractive gates give your home a physical layer of protection.

Our comprehensive security solutions cover all bases, from simple and robust security gates and doors, to fully integrated security systems using the latest technology. No matter your home security needs, the ITA team will design a solution to fit your home and family needs.

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What is a smart home door lock?

A smart home door lock connects to your home's WiFi and integrates with other security systems. It provides access to the home only to people with the requisite code. Smart home door locks can also employ facial scanning and biometric technology to make security even tighter.

What are the benefits of smart home door automation?

Both smart home door automation and smart home gate automation systems have many benefits to homeowners seeking a few additional layers of security to the home. Here's why you need them in your home:

  • Quality automated locks are basically unbreakable
  • Integrated security doors will prevent most break-ins
  • Security gates create an additional, imposing security measure

If you're after a smart home door lock or gate lock solution for your home, get in touch with the home automation security experts at ITA. We will work with you to craft the best possible solution for your home to ensure that you and your family always feel the greatest sense of security.

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