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Being comfortable at home means becoming the master of your domain. Creating the perfect atmospheric conditions allows you to enjoy every room in complete and utter comfort. Intuitive, automated, and fully integrated heating and cooling systems grant you full command over the climate in your home, all from your mobile device.

You can fix the forecast within your interior. With ITA's smart climate systems, you are always in complete control.

Air Conditioning

Keep it cool and fresh with a smart, efficient air conditioning system, controlled from your smart phone.


Creating some cosiness in winter with a superior heating system that warms your home from the inside.

Establish your own environment when you aren't even at home. With ITA's integrated climate control solutions, you can set the temperature from anywhere, at any time.

Heating and cooling systems complement other climate automation technologies

Frequently asked questions

What is climate control heating and cooling?

Climate control heating and cooling is the process of creating the perfect environment inside the home. Your home should be your ultimate source of comfort, and you should never need to worry about whether it is too hot or cold.

How do I create an integrated heating system?

An integrated heating system gives you complete command over your environment. Not only can you change the temperature from your smartphone — you can use your voice to create the perfect setting, or even schedule heating and cooling to turn on before you arrive home.

An integrated heating system starts with smart heating and air conditioning systems that can connect to your home's WiFi. From here, you can control the atmosphere however you wish — via mobile device, voice, or a central home automation control platform, like C-Bus Home Control solutions.

How do I start creating my smart home heating system?

If you're getting hot for a smart home heating system, there's only one thing you need to do — get in touch with Integrated Technologies Australia. Our team of home heating experts will work with you to develop a completely automated and functional system that works the way you want it.

Want to set a minimum or maximum temperature? Easy done. Looking to integrate your heating and cooling settings as part of a mode for the entire home? We can do that, too. Whatever your vision is, we'll help you bring it to life.

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