Provide a Complete Smart Home Solution

When it comes to home automation for architects, we provide a wide range of solutions. No job is too big or too small. Whether it's automatic lighting in the walk-in-wardrobe or pantry, motion sensing bathroom fans, or a complete home automation package, we can help.

We can map out a complete plan. We can supply you with the right products. And, we can have everything incorporated and installed by our expert tradespeople. From the outset to project completion, we take care of all your smart home automation needs.

Give Your Clients Limitless Potential

With home automation for architects, the potential is limitless. For example, smart technology systems can 'learn' the preferences of individual family members and can provide lighting, music and heating according to their taste and without anyone so much as touching a button.

Smart technologies can even replace the humble tap. Set up a one-touch system and your shower can remember your favourite temperature and pressure. So, there's no more cold surprises or adjusting of taps, just the perfect shower, every time.