Deliver a Complete Technology Solution

Client expectations have changed. Whereas once, four walls and a roof was enough, now consumers want WiFi, integrated media systems, sophisticated home security and more. That's where we come in. We work with you to provide a complete technology solution.

We can map out a comprehensive plan. We can provide you with the right products. And we can have it all implemented and installed by our qualified tradespeople. From start to finish, we take care of all of your technology needs.

Give Your Customers a Better Deal

Installing smart technologies in an existing home can mean a complex operation. It's therefore, often cheaper and easier to have these systems installed when the home is being built. By choosing a builder who is partnered with ITA, clients can have all the latest technologies ready for when they step into their new home.

At ITA, we deliver tailored solutions that enhance homes. From entertainment systems, to home security, to whole-house automation, we design seamlessly linked systems that enrich lifestyles. We take the latest technology and embed it directly into living spaces. We bring it all together to create fully integrated homes.