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Integrated Intercom Systems for Your Home

Who's at the door? Now you will always know with a home intercom system. No more door knocking or unsolicited bell ringing—with a smart intercom system from ITA it has never been easier to let your guests into your home, whilst still keeping secure and private.

Our intercom and phone services can include:

Fixed Intercoms

Basic room-to-room intercoms systems.

Phone intercoms

Smart intercom systems that can redirect to your phone.

Video Intercoms

Video intercom and video phone solutions provide an extra level of guest screening from anywhere in the home.

Our solutions are not just simple intercoms. We can automatically redirect the ‘intercom call’ to your phone, so now as you are relaxing by the pool you can open the gates and welcome your guests in. Simply press a button on your smartphone, and you can release the front gate and even unlock the front door.

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