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Multi-room MusicEnjoy a music system throughout your whole house

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Quality music streaming - sounds like a winner

Hanging out at home is all about marching to the beat of your own drum. Multi-room music streaming systems like Sonos allow you to deliver high quality audible content to every area of the home with ease. Fully integrated wireless technology gives you the ability to control all of the music in all of the rooms, all with a mobile device.

It's time to set the tone at home. The team at ITA can help you compose a multi-music room solution that everyone will love.

Multiple zones

Let different members of the family choose what they want to listen to in different rooms.

Wireless Speakers

Keep it decluttered with completely wireless portable speakers for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Complete integration

Easily curate your music selections with your voice, touchscreens, or mobile devices.

Using intuitive interfaces and voice controls, you can make your music match your mood, from weekend wind-downs on the back deck, to party starters in the living room.

Multi-room music works in tune with other home automation technologies.

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