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Smart LightingBright Ideas to Improve Your Home. And Your Power Bill.

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Bright Ideas to Improve Your Home. And Your Power Bill.

Complete control or perfect timing? Today, the level of control available to home owners can transform the way your home uses energy. Smart home owners can actively monitor and reduce their energy consumption and save money on power bills—all while improving comfort and convenience.

With the use of smart lighting solutions, ITA can find a great lighting solution for your home:

Custom Ambiance

Personalise your lighting ambience and comfort with smart switches and one-touch scenes.

Centralised Control

Instantly switch off all interior and exterior lights with the touch of a button.

Timing & Automation

Smart motion sensors and timers automatically turn off lights at certain times or when a room is not being used.

At ITA, we are a leader in the field of home automation using smart lighting. With the installation of modern and smart lighting solutions, not only will your home provide a better living experience, but it will cost less money to run and maintain. How can we help improve your home and life?

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