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The latest improvements in this smart home technology will have you beaming. Smart lighting solutions balance ease-of-use with maximum energy efficiency, delivering practical benefits that will transform how your home functions. Smart lighting allows you to improve comfort, reinforce security, and save energy.

We're here to enlighten you. The team at ITA can shine a light on the perfect smart lighting solution for your home.:

Custom Ambiance

Change the lighting ambience of each room using voice commands, touchscreens, or mobile devices.

Centralised Control

Ready to leave or about to get home? Turn all or some of your lights on and off with a simple command.

Timing & Automation

Save energy by using motion sensors and timers to govern when particular areas are illuminated.

Our team can design a comprehensive lighting solution for your home, controlled entirely by voice-assisted AI, wall-mounted touchscreens, and other smart devices.

Smart lighting is just one part of the brilliance. See these other exciting technologies.

Frequently asked questions

What is home lighting automation?

Home lighting automation is the technology behind creating a safer and more energy efficient home. By having 'smart' lights throughout your home, you have the power to turn them on and off from your smartphone, change the colour and brightness, and automatically schedule them for certain times of the day.

Smart lighting control systems can allow you to illuminate your outdoor areas at night to ward off intruders, dim the lounge room light in preparation for a movie, or create some mood lighting for a party. The power is in your hands.

How do WiFi-controlled lights work?

WiFi-controlled lights are able to connect to your home's WiFi system, your smartphone, and a range of other devices. This control gives you complete mastery over the colour, brightness, and schedule of your lighting, without having to flick a single switch.

Generally, WiFi-controlled lighting systems work in a mesh system, where every light is connected to the lights closest to it. These all talk to a central control hub, which connects to your WiFi router. They can also connect to home assistants like Alexa and Siri, allowing you to change the lighting with your voice alone.

How can I get a smart lighting control system?

If you're ready for a smart lighting control system of your own, there's only one thing you need to do — get in touch with ITA. Our team of home lighting automation experts will work with you to design a lighting solution that brings out the best in your home.

We specialise in custom solutions, so for whatever you need — both inside and outside of the home — we'll be able to deliver. Contact us today and speak to an expert about lighting up your home, the smart way.

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