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All Your Entertainment in One Place

From music, movies and TV, streaming is the easiest and most convenient way to access the content you love and discover new favourites. At ITA, we are experts in the latest streaming services, and can recommend a solution which will integrate your home with new worlds of unlimited entertainment.


Easily access everything to old classics to new blockbusters.

TV Shows

Laugh and cry. Get swept up in an amazing TV show experience.


Have the world's biggest record collection at the palm of your hand.

Make the most of streaming services by upgrading your home entertainment solutions. From Home Theatre systems to multi-room wireless music, an ITA expert can customise a complete entertainment solution for your home.

Integrate with Other Home Automation Entertainment Options

Where do all the TVs/devices in the house go?

Can you connect streaming services to every room?

Can you play different shows at the same time on different devices?

What streaming services can be connected to the integration solution?

What is the general cost of an integrated streaming solution?

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