Victorian homeowners using C-Bus products are leading Australia in home automation

More and more Melbourne homeowners are using C-Bus home automation products to enhance the comfort, efficiency and practicality of their homes. The market for such products has grown year on year in the state of Victoria, with annual sales of C-Bus products now reaching into the millions of dollars.

Clipsal home automation lighting systems, integrated home theatres, and complete smart home solutions are all utilising the latest C-Bus home automation products to change how Victorians live at home. They're making lives simpler, homes more energy efficient, and leisure times more relaxing. Here's how.

1. Clipsal Home Automation and Smart Homes

Welcome home features

Imagine coming home to a household where everything is ready, just as you like it. Imagine the garage door opening to let you in, the kitchen lights automatically illuminating to guide you, the air conditioning reaching the perfect temperature as you enter the door. Now imagine all of this happening at the touch of just one button.

With C-Bus home automation and Clipsal home automation lighting, it's possible. Simply activate the 'welcome home' feature when you arrive and these technologies will do the rest. Combine with a smart speaker system and you can even program your favourite music to play as you enter.

Control at your fingertips

C-Bus home automation systems and Clipsal home automation lighting products allow you to effortlessly control every aspect of your home. They can connect your home's:

  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Electrical devices
  • Entertainment systems
  • Security and more

clipsal device

So you can operate them all simply from a wall-mounted touchscreen or app-enabled smartphone.

Clipsal products are designed to integrate seamlessly into your home. They're made to provide that 'wow factor' without compromising the look and feel of your home. With C-Bus home automation and Clipsal home automation lighting, you can enhance the comfort, ambiance and practicality of your home, all at the touch of a button.

Imagine all of this happening at the touch of just one button

2. Clipsal Home Automation and Entertainment Systems

Integrated entertainment throughout your home

Stream your favourite music across every room in your house, enjoy a cinema quality movie experience at home, and access the best TV shows and sport via the Internet. Clipsal home automation systems combine all of these features and more to create the ultimate in integrated home entertainment systems.

With a C-Bus home automation system your home's audio speakers, HD screens and Internet-enabled devices can all be integrated throughout your home, so you never miss a beat of your favourite song or a goal in your chosen sport. It allows you to enjoy your home entertainment, when and where it suits you.

Combining audio, video and dataclipsal remote tv

Whether it's your smartphone, tablet device or home cinema, most home entertainment systems make use of the following three components.

  1. Audio
  2. Video
  3. Data

Clipsal home automation systems take advantage of the latest advances in each of these three components' industries, to deliver truly cutting edge entertainment systems.

You can enhance your media experience even further by incorporating Clipsal home automation lighting, which allows for easy and complete control of your lighting. So you can dim the lights for romantic power ballads and check the security lighting during scary movies.

Stream your favourite music across every room in your house

3. Clipsal Home Automation and Green Homes

Lower your home's emissions and power bill

smart lighting

C-Bus home automation systems cleverly operate your home's lighting, heating and electrical devices, turning them on when they're needed and turning them off when they're not. By reducing energy wastage in this way you can substantially lower your energy bill and your carbon footprint.

Equip your home with LED lights and you could reduce your energy consumption even further. LED lighting has been referred to as the king of green lighting choices, because of its long life, low heat wastage and reduced levels of toxic substances.

Clipsal Wiser Link app

The Clipsal Wiser Link app allows you to measure and monitor your energy usage. Download it to your smartphone, tablet or desktop and check your energy consumption in real time, 24/7.

Wiser Link monitors your consumption of:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water

It can display energy usage by a specific area or appliance, for example by air conditioner or outdoor pool, and this means you'll know exactly what is consuming extra energy and when. It can alert you to problems with your systems. It can even help you to set and meet energy reduction targets.

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