We work with a range of Australian industries. Here's how.

Home automation used to be a luxury reserved only for the most affluent. Not anymore. Recent innovations have put home automation within the reach of everyday Australians.

Because of this, builders and architects are, more than ever, being asked questions about the installation of home automation technologies. Often these queries, however, fall outside of their expertise.

That's why builders and architects reach out to us at Integrated Technologies Australia (ITA).

By partnering with ITA, builders and architects can provide their clients with a complete home automation solution. We do it all for them, from answering client enquiries to installing finished systems.

We work alongside industry professionals, to ensure their clients don't have to go anywhere else to get the home of their dreams. We make implementing home automation into businesses' service offerings easy. And we offer a range of general electrical services to assist with other aspects of electrical installations. 

How we work with builders

Home automation for builders

If you're a builder, you know what you do. You build great homes. We can't do that, but we can help you to create great homes that are also seamlessly connected.

We've helped countless Australian builders to build houses, flats and apartments that are integrated with the latest entertainment systems, security installations and Internet-enabled devices.

Solutions we commonly provide for builders include:

  • Automated doors, heating and security
  • Entertainment setups and media hubs
  • CCTV and alarm systems
  • Home wiring, switches and cabling

We can provide tailored systems for custom builds. We can also supply template systems which can be reused for multiple projects.

For more information on how we partner with builders, visit our home automation for builders page.

"We work alongside industry professionals, to ensure their clients don't have to go anywhere else to get the home of their dreams."

How we work with architects

Home automation for architects

We work with architects to design smart homes from the ground up. From blueprint to finished home, we can assist at every stage of the process.

By working with architecture professionals, we can start integrating smart technologies at the very beginning of the home design phase. This allows us to provide the most natural solution for clients, as technologies are incorporated from the very start.

We regularly assist architects with:

  • Smart home technologies
  • Automation tools and controls
  • Provisions for 'green homes'
  • Home automation wiring

As with builders, we can provide custom solutions for unique builds. We can also prepare template solutions which can be used over and over again.

For more information on how we partner with architects, visit our home automation for architects page.

"We can also supply template systems which can be reused for multiple projects."

How we work with home owners

Home automation for homeowners

It's important for Australians to hire professional tradespeople when designing and building a new home. However, we understand that some prefer a more hands-on approach. So, in many instances, we still work directly with home owners.

Typically this involves meeting with home owners, discussing their home automation aspirations and then advising upon a suitable solution.

Once a solution has been decided upon, we then work with the client's architecture and building contractors to turn their plans into an elegant and completely integrated reality.

We help home owners to arrange:

  • Lighting and climate control
  • Entertainment systems
  • Security and CCTV
  • Wiring and high-speed internet

We handle the installation of wires and home automation technologies ourselves. This is because home automation isn't a single system, it is the combination of multiple technologies and sub systems. Therefore, specialised expertise is required.

For more information on how we partner with home owners, visit our home automation for home owners page.

Want to know more?

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