See how different home automation technologies can work together to lower your bills and raise your quality of life

The possibilities for home automation are virtually limitless, from outstanding safety and security breakthroughs to HiFi setups that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago. But where home automation really gets exciting is when different elements of the home start to work together in innovative ways.

For example, when you install a smart lighting setup with automated bulbs and mechanised blinds, very thoroughly impressive synergies start to emerge. Read on to discover how smart lighting can make your home more comfortable and efficient.

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The many drawbacks of conventional lighting setups

With normal lighting, you've got to carry out several tasks to maintain the right light indoors. First thing in the morning, you have to raise the blinds (sometimes having to grapple with tricky ropes and clasps). Then, from the afternoon onwards, you turn lights on and off depending on whether or not a room is occupied. In the evening, you lower the blinds again and, finally, you turn out the light before going to bed.

Then, there are issues like somebody forgetting to close their blinds, or children and teenagers leaving the lights on unnecessarily — which can up your electricity bill. The difference between smart lighting and normal home lighting is like night and day.

Automatic blinds and smart electric lights: what are they, and what do they do?

An automated, smart lighting configuration can optimise your lights and blinds.

Automatic blinds: Automatic blinds are a fantastic addition to your home's lighting setup. They can be raised and lowered at set times, voice activated, controlled via smartphone, or on your Creston controller.

Smart lighting control systems: Smart lighting can do some incredible things. Get the perfect brightness, colour and warmth for the mood and time of day, without even thinking about it. And like the blinds, smart lighting can work on a timer, with your mobile, central controller, or even just your voice.

How automatic blinds and smart electric lights can work together to provide unparalleled comfort

There's nothing worse than having to wake up early in the morning, flicking on the light switch, and being confronted by harsh, unforgiving light. It's unpleasant, sometimes painful, and might be neurologically damaging.

The healthy, comfortable way to start the day is with a dim light that gradually lifts. With automatic blinds and smart lighting controls working together, the lighting in your home can always be set to a comfortable level. They can even link up with your alarm to gently rouse you from sleep.

Then, of course, there's the added comfort of having one less thing to worry about. Smart lighting takes care of all the lighting needs in your home without you ever having to think about it. Automatic blinds will raise and lower themselves at pre-established times. Interior and exterior lights will turn on and off when needed. It makes life just that little bit easier and frees up more time and brain-space for more important things.

Smart lighting that can lower your power bills

Inefficient lighting can be a big contributor to inflated power bills. There are many factors at play here, such as the wrong kinds of bulbs, poorly designed lighting setups, and human error like leaving the lights on while you're out at work.

Smart lighting can solve all of those problems. With automatic blinds and smart electric lighting, your home can implement the most efficient lighting, broken down room by room, for every time of day.

If you accidentally leave the lights on while you're at work, you can switch them off remotely. And if the outside temperature rises too high, the blinds can lower automatically to keep your home cool — sparing your air conditioner the trouble. The options and opportunities are endless.

Get the best of both worlds with smart lighting home automation

Home automation provides a uniquely luxurious way to save money on bills and reduce your ecological footprint. Some measures that focus on reduction also impact your quality of life — like water-saving showerheads which reduce water use and shower satisfaction. Other measures, like thrifty use of the thermostat and light switches, only work when you're vigilant.

The joy of home automated smart lighting is that these technologies actually improve your quality of life while simultaneously lowering the amount of money you have to spend on bills.

With years of experience and industry leading insight into home automation technology, our team at ITA can improve your property in bold and exciting new ways. Find out more about our innovative approaches to comfort and efficiency.