With home automation and smart technology, you can get the right home security for your family

Not so long ago, the most sophisticated way to ensure your family's safety was by investing in a big dog and a high fence. Now, bold advances in technology and engineering have revolutionised home security. Exciting new cameras, locks, microphones and intercom systems mean that your family (including your guard dog) can now be more secure than ever.

To get the best home security results, smart home security measures should be tailored to your needs. After all, a large rural estate will face quite different challenges to an inner-city apartment, and a young family with small children will require a different setup to an older person living alone.

At Integrated Technologies Australia (ITA) we've been following the latest trends in home innovation for years. Find out more about how we can help you with security at your home.

Install security alarms with tailored responses

The security alarm goes off in your house — what happens next? The right answer will differ substantially depending on your home and family circumstances.

If you're out of town and your home is unoccupied, you might want the alarm to instantly contact the police. Whereas, at a residence where people are popping in or coming over with friends at all hours of the night unannounced, you might want a more nuanced approach before the boys in blue come barging through your front door.

When you work with a team of home automation and security experts, you'll get a tailored security alarm response that is optimised for your family. We'll figure out what will work best for you, and put it in place.

Improve perimeter security with smart technology

One of the most important factors to consider when designing safety measures for a home is perimeter security. It's all well and good to have security cameras pick up on thieves and miscreants after they've broken into your property — but it is much better if you can prevent them from entering in the first place!

By installing speakers on the property, and using them in conjunction with your security cameras and a video intercom, you'll be able to speak to attempted home invaders even when the home is empty.

Before they set foot in your home, you can tell the intruders directly that they're being recorded and that the police have been alerted to their presence. Now that's a deterrent!

Get peace of mind with security cameras streaming to your phone

Security cameras can now stream video directly to your phone, so you can always keep an eye on your property. But home security isn't just about preventing theft; it's a comprehensive way to protect the wellbeing of occupants.

Many people nowadays are installing interior security cameras to check on their beloved dogs and cats during the day while they're at work. Some people are even setting up cameras so that they can check on elderly relatives. It's all about tailoring a security strategy for your home and family.

Use smart technology to install a digital lock on your home

Security technology has improved to the point where you're now seeing far fewer analogue locks, with a physical key inserted into a keyhole. Because of security concerns, this style of lock is now almost extinct in commercial environments. It's far more common for workers to carry a fob, or memorise a digital pin-code.

Increasingly, these digital technologies are finding a place in residential homes. Digital locks, working in tandem with video intercom systems, are a far superior way to control access to your home.

Get the right smart lock for your family

With many different smart locks to choose from, it's important to pick the right one for your family. Pin-code access or fobs might work for some people, but they're not for everybody. Forgetful people know all too well the pain of forgetting a pin — many bicycles have had to be cut loose from their lock because of an absentminded owner.

Another issue with pin-code locks is that they're only secure if your family is good at keeping them a secret. It's not unheard of for teenagers living at home to share the pin-code with their friends, thereby compromising the entire security setup.

Thankfully, there are better alternatives. You can go to the next level of security by using fingerprint scanners and biometric tech, so that only approved members of the household can gain access to your property.

Ready to get the best possible security system for your home? Find out more about the home security technologies we offer at ITA.