Creative ways to lower your power bills and energy consumption

Keeping cool is a critical part of the Australian summer experience. In many parts of the country, staying warm in winter is equally important. Insulation and breezes can only do so much to help you chill, and nobody really wants to lounge around wearing five layers of clothing when the cool change finally comes.

So, how does one remain comfortable in all seasons? And can this be achieved without breaking the bank when the power bill arrives? Automated, multi zone heating and cooling achieves both of these goals, and creates a home that is more habitable for the family, all year round. This article will take a look at this groundbreaking technology and discuss all of the benefits available to you.

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Climate control

The first and most obvious benefit of smart heating controls is that it gives homeowners complete mastery over the climate within the home. With ducted heating and cooling, the temperature can be changed from room to room, creating a more comfortable environment when and where you need it.

Here are some popular examples of multi zone heating control systems in action:

  • Automating gas fireplaces to turn on in the living room after dinner
  • Creating a cool office space when working from home in summer
  • Adjusting heating and cooling to match the movie you have playing in the home theatre
  • Warming or cooling the bedroom just before you retire for the evening

Fully automated

Multi zone heating and cooling systems can complement other wireless home automation technologies. A fully automated, comprehensive system allows you to create the perfect environment wherever you are in the home.

Heating and cooling work best when used in tandem with other home automation technologies, including:

Hands off

Wireless central heating controls can change the game in more ways than one. There's no need to get up off the couch and adjust the thermostat manually, nor will you ever have to worry about losing the precious air conditioning remote. With wireless controls, you can control all aspects of your heating and cooling system with voice commands, a central automation interface, or simply from your smartphone.

Think about all the ways your family can benefit from complete wireless central heating control:

  • Heat up or cool down the home while you are out and about, creating the perfect temperature upon your arrival home
  • Set climate profiles for particular scenarios or times of day, adjusting the climate to match
  • Using virtual assistance, speak a command from one room to change the temperature in another

Reduce, reuse

With rising power costs and greater concerns for the environment, energy efficiency is a big ticket item on every homeowner's agenda. When married with home automation technology, smart heating controls can drastically improve how your home uses energy.

Here's how multi zone heating control systems can save on power, and on your bottom line when the time comes to pay the bill:

  • By installing a smart home thermostat, your central automation technologies can react to changes in weather and heat and adjust the interior accordingly.
  • Using information garnered from home security systems, heating and cooling can be turned off and on in rooms without any movement.
  • Create greater efficiencies for smart WiFi and Internet by keeping servers, computers, media centres, and other electronics cool.
  • Work with curtains and smart blinds with evacuated tubes to support heating in hydronic heated floor, showers, pools, and spas.

The technological benefits of multi zone heating control systems are only bound by your imagination. We've only just scratched the surface in this article. The efficiencies and improvements you stand to gain from automating your home's heating and cooling go well beyond conventional approaches to climate control and comfort. 

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