Incorporate smart home safety technology into the blueprints for your new home

All too often, smart home technology is an afterthought when constructing a house. A site is chosen, architects design a floorplan, the foundations are laid, and only then does somebody think about the technological side of things.

While some safety measures can be implemented post-build, or during the building process, that way of doing things isn't ideal. To get the most sophisticated and efficient technologies up and running, it's best to think about smart home technology before the build even begins.

By bringing on a security technology expert early in the process — during the design phase — a new home can be planned with the foresight to take advantage of the latest developments in home safety. Read on to find out more about the advantages of planning for smart technology before you begin your build.

Our team at Integrated Technologies Australia (ITA) has years of experience in using the latest technological advancements and putting them to use in homes and businesses. No matter what stage your home is at, we can make smart, automated upgrades. Find out more about how we can improve security in your home.

Planning for security cameras, sensors, and keypads

The last few years have seen some incredible advances in home security technology. Security devices like fingerprint and bio-scanners, once reserved for the elite, are now widely available at reasonable prices. No contemporary home is adequately secure without these innovative features.

Things like security cameras, alarms, sensors, and keypads can be fit to older, finished homes. But when a technology expert is brought on during the design phase, they can be far more effective and affordable. Appropriate wiring for CCTV systems, improved camera positioning, plus ergonomic sensor and keypad placement are just a few of the advantages to thinking about home technology before you build.

Use smart technology to make your home safe from the start

When should you start thinking about home security technology? The answer is: as soon as possible.

Some people only get concerned about home security after they've experienced a break-in. By then, of course, it's too late. Don't move your valuables into a home that is at risk. The safest time to enlist the services of a home security expert is before the home has even been built. 

A security technology expert can ensure that your home is safe from the very beginning. They can help you with the right fittings, like secure locks and doors. They can also provide advice about the designs of the house which will contribute to the overall safety, like:

  • Exterior lighting
  • Landscaping
  • Line of sight for security cameras
  • Positioning of alarms and fences

The sooner you recruit a security technology expert, the more they'll be able to help.

Safety is more than just security 

When thinking about safety technology for the home, many people start thinking about security measures, like alarms, locks, video cameras, and so on. However, this is only one component of home safety technology. Aside from burglary, your home and its occupants are also vulnerable to many other threats. 

For example, smart security technology can help protect your home against fires. With smart fire detectors, fire alarms, and even sprinkler systems, buildings can be much better protected against the threat of combustion. By incorporating automated technology early in the design process, before a home is built, similar safety measures can be used to their maximum effect.

cctv security cameras overlooking the house

Can you still install smart security technology after a house has been built?

Most security features can still be installed in a house that has already been built — and even retrofit for very old buildings. But the easiest, most affordable (and highest performing) option is to incorporate smart technology into the design process.

You could think about it like this: in an old house with an exterior toilet, you can still retroactively connect a modern plumbing system to the outhouse. However, that's not how anybody would design it if they were starting out from scratch.

Get the most out of smart safety technology by working with a home automation expert before you build. At ITA, we've helped many Australians with all sorts of homes improve the security of their residence. Find out more about how we can use technology to make your smart home a safe home.