The best devices to make your home smart and connected

When you hear about smart home devices, names like Amazon Echo and Google Home are usually mentioned. While these smart home devices certainly bring an element of convenience and ease to your home, they are really just the starting point for those looking for intelligent interplay between devices.

If you want true smart home connection, you'll need to look for automation systems by the experts. Companies like Crestron and Clipsal have been pioneering intelligent automation for decades, fine-tuning solutions to give customers the best home automation experience possible.

At Integrated Technologies Australia, we supply tried and tested products from industry leading brands. We work with homeowners, and their design and construction team, to create comprehensive smart home automation systems.

One central system

The professionals understand that for a truly connected home, you need to install one central system. Amazon Echo and Google Home can perform simple functions, these devices don't interact with a wide range of other products.

Often, people end up with a home 'hub' device, but unless you have the right kind of TV and stereo system, the device won't sync up. This means you may have to spend additional money to obtain the right kinds of devices, or you wind up spending too much time reading through user manuals and troubleshooting connection issues.

Crestron Home systems

From heating and cooling, to home security — Crestron brings together all home automation technologies. Each Crestron device has been designed to connect seamlessly with one another, so you can have complete control over your home automation technologies.

Crestron Home functions
  • Communication and data controls
  • Cross-system integration with products such as Apple's Siri, HomeKit, and Apple TV
  • Fail-safe capabilities
What this looks like in the home
  • Schedule lighting to turn on and off at different times of day
  • Time heating and cooling to switch on when you arrive home
  • Stream media across different devices, in different rooms, of the home
  • Create different 'scenes' for the lighting in each room of your home
  • Control access to your home through front doors and gates, remotely

Find out more about what Crestron Home systems can do in your home.

C-Bus Home Automation systems

C-Bus Home Automation can be used to easily control lighting and other electrical systems in your home, like heating and cooling, and motorised blinds. It essentially has it's own 'brain', so it doesn't need a central computer or controller to operate.

C-Bus Home Automation functions
  • Unlimited connection to other electrical services in the home
  • User friendly interface
  • Integration with third party systems
  • In-built microprocessor so units can be individually programmed
  • Low bandwidth requirements
What does this look like in the home?
  • Schedule lights to switch on and off at different times of day
  • Remote activation for front and rear motorised gates or main entry doors
  • Automated motion sensors for lighting
  • Set times for heating and cooling functions within your home
  • Control music in different rooms of your home
  • Replace multiple remotes with one universal remote

Specific smart home automation solutions

If you don't want to upgrade your whole home, there are smart home solutions available which target key areas — like lighting, or heating and cooling.

Philips Dynalite lighting and energy solution

An Australian-developed system, Philips Dynalite is renowned for its residential lighting solutions. Sophisticated, reliable, and energy-efficient, Philips Dynalite has been an industry leading smart home automation solution for over 25 years.

Philips Dynalite functions
  • Full visibility of lighting and energy management system status
  • Local or global system adjustments
  • Simple scheduling
  • Easy integration
What this looks like in the home
  • Control the lighting and temperature with one controller
  • Install motion sensors for lighting in the home
  • Identify energy-saving initiatives based on current usage
  • Tailor the control of individual light fittings

Sonos audio solution

Sonos is a multi-room sound system with impeccable audio quality and music streaming capabilities. It's one of the most reliable, wireless sound systems on the market today, and is used by homeowners and businesses alike.

Sonos functions
  • Connects devices via WiFi instead of Bluetooth
  • Speakers can be individually programmed
  • Controllable via smart devices such as smartphone, tablet, or home automation touchscreen
What this looks like in the home
  • Stream music through one central device without relying on Bluetooth
  • Play different stations in different rooms
  • Enjoy high quality, richly-detailed sound at any volume

How to get a truly intelligent smart home

Buying and installing smart home solutions is great. These devices will work, to a degree, in any home. But for the best smart home, you should hire a technology expert to work on floorplans before your home is built.

Why? By incorporating smart home automation from the ground up, your specialist can ensure wires remain hidden, and each device connects seamlessly with one another. It's a more holistic approach to smart homes — an approach that will make life convenient and streamlined.

At Integrated Technologies Australia, we work with homeowners, and their building team, to incorporate intelligent smart home automation solutions. Contact our team for a free design consultation.